An Open and Affirming Setting of the

United Church of Christ

Because of YOU... 

We Are Changing Lives!



The Church for Today... And Tomorrow

We believe that Jesus began a movement. That movement is alive today in the various ways we live the love and justice of Jesus together. And we would love to have you be part of it. If you'd like to know more information about First Congregational Church, UCC, feel free to email us at

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Our Vision

With Jesus’ radical life and teachings as our guide, we are passionately striving to become the community which God has envisioned for the world…


   in our love of God and neighbor


   in our commitment to following Jesus


   in our affirmation of others


   in our welcome and hospitality


   in our work for justice


   in our efforts to dismantle racism


   in our stewardship of the earth


   in our sharing of resources

Together, we will become more fully the church God calls us to be for such a time as this.

Our domain name is because that is what we are about... 

living the love and justice of Jesus, impacting the world in positive ways and working together to make our neighbors' lives better.

Click the image above to view our newest "We Are Changing Lives" video.

About Our Logo

We have chosen this logo in an effort to emphasize the human element of our faith community as well as our focus on outreach. The hands in our logo are literally extended beyond the walls, as is our faith community in our efforts to meet people where they are in our living of the love and justice of Jesus.

We would love to meet you!

Although First Congregational Church, UCC holds physical space in our historic Randolph building, we are a faith community that spans the miles through our digital ministry opportunities. We would love to meet you onsite as well as online!