About Us

"Sharing an experience of belonging, with God's music and the love and justice of Jesus at the heart of what we do." This Mission Statement, adopted in 2023, says much about who we are as a faith community today and what it is you will find when you come alongside us in shared work and ministry. 

Founded in 1731, First Congregational Church, UCC has long been a pillar of our community, seeking to join with others in meeting the needs of our neighbors. We recognize that we are but part of a larger whole that seeks to bring about a glimpse of God's kin-dom here and now, joining with many individuals and faith communities to be about ministry in the world. 

(A more detailed history of our faith community may be found HERE)

United Church of Christ

We are proudly a part of the United Church of Christ, a denomination that believes that God is Still Speaking, and that our mission is "To love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and our neighbor as ourselves." 

We are part of a denomination deeply proud of our history and heritage while existing in the forefront of justice work today. 

We are the United Church of Christ. 


A product of three historic Conferences (RI, MA & CT)  joining as one, The Southern New England Conference is the regional body in which First Congregational Church, UCC is found. It is here, in covenantal relationships alongside roughly 600 other churches, that we strive to live the love and justice of Jesus more fully.