First Congregational Church, UCC has a long history of bringing the community together for theater experiences.  

Our summer youth theater program was inaugurated in August 2015 with a vibrant production of the Broadway version of Godspell, followed by spectacular productions of Jesus Christ Superstar in 2016, Guys and Dolls in 2017 and Children of Eden in 2018.  In the summer of 2019 the program presented the New England premiere of Here We Go ‘Round!  A Musical Fantasy, written the Rev. David Henkelmann, a member of our congregation.  The show was previously produced off Broadway when Dave was a minister in New York City, and was revived to wide acclaim once again in Randolph.

And in 2023, we sold out an entire weekend of performances of RENT!


Supporting enthusiastic and talented young actors from our congregation and the wider community, a team of our church and community members lends their time and talents to every aspect of these productions.  

A Madrigal Dinner

Jester "The Body" Ventures Forth

Friday, January 25 and Saturday, January 26

Jester "The Body" Ventures Forth is a captivating tale that follows the adventures of Jester, a charismatic and unconventional character. As Jester embarks on a journey, the story unfolds with a mix of humor, unpredictability, and perhaps a hint of mystery. Throughout the narrative, Jester's unique perspective and engaging personality draw the audience into a world where the unexpected becomes the norm. Get ready for a rollercoaster of escapades as Jester "The Body" ventures forth into uncharted territory, leaving a trail of laughter and curiosity in their wake.

Stay tuned for ticket information

RENT - 2023 Summer Theater

We want to thank the sensational cast and crew as well as those from the wider community who came to see this summer's production of "RENT."